If you want to earn extra revenue by creating and using your own branded cards with bercode or other virtual products, please read the following information:

It is well known that more and more people are trying to make a living from their talents in the global market. Unfortunately, however, as technology (also) advances, fewer and fewer people are spending money on buying rights-free content or going to the cinema, for example. At the same time, fans are often willing to do surprising things and even make financial sacrifices when it comes to buying 1-1 photos, autographs, or other relics of their favorite band, singer, writer, actor or, for example, athlete.

Recognizing the potential of the above, we suggest that you expand your offer with a range of bercode cards that reflect your branding, including your autograph, which your fans could save more than they paid for by using them every day (you could also make it possible to download some of your cards for free.) Such a unique card (in the physical or virtual form), even with a photo of a fan/supporter, would be something that the owner would always keep and show off at all times. And we add the rational value (i.e., the possibility of buying at a discount).

For your cards, you could commit to cheaper (even free) access to your events, participation in face-to-face meetings, filming, etc. You can enter these commitments in 5 service levels in multiple languages in the administration interface of our platform.

The Bercode Platform provides Issuer Partners with a web-based administration system, accessible by multiple managers and administrative staff with different levels of access rights, for ordering their cards, tracking the production/logistics of plastic cards, and itemizing the benefits and commissions generated by their issued bercodes.

Depending on the number of cards issued and their validity period, the cost of the bercodes entitling to discounts is only a few ten US dollars per card per year, which are automatically deducted from the revenue (i.e., no investment is required).

If you are interested and are considering issuing bercode cards, please register on our platform! This registration does not entail any obligation, and any payment obligation will only arise when ordering a specific service.

You can learn how to use our platform by visiting our support page. If you get stuck at any point, we are at your disposal through the following communication channels.