A futuristic new way to create merchandising products that unlock extra benefits

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the above website if you are a performer, athlete, or an influencer with a large fan base and you would like to offer more to your fans or supporters. Your fans can take a selfie with their favorite star by using a virtual 3D-AR mug, T-shirt, card, etc., which can be purchased and displayed virtually. As the physically demanded products are only made after ordering, there is no need for you to invest in production. With a unique benefit barcode, known as a bercode, on each product, your fan can potentially save more at thousands of acceptance points in their daily lives than they spent on your product.

If the above has piqued your interest, please spend a few more minutes reading the next few paragraphs. Here, you will learn how you can generate continuous revenue even when your merchandise is not being purchased.

It is well known that more and more people are trying to make a living from their talents in the global market. Unfortunately, as technology (also) advances, fewer people spend money on legitimately licensed content or, for example, visiting movie theaters. However, fans are often willing to go the extra mile or even make financial sacrifices when it comes to their favorite band, singer, writer, actor, or athlete's photo, autograph, or other memorabilia.

You can also offer extra benefits with your products, such as discounted (or even free) entry to your events, participation in personal meetings, film shoots, and more. You can set up these commitments on our platform's administrative interface on five different service levels, personalized with your name available in multiple languages.

Our platform is free to use, as we do not take a share from the prices of Basic and Light level bercoded products. However, if you do not restrict (turn off) your fans from purchasing Classic, Extra, or Business level merchandise offering additional benefits, the details of our maximum 12-24% share can be found in section II.1 of this page.

You can also earn revenue if some of your fans act as retailers or local service providers within their social circles. Even with a Basic-level bercode, they can join and offer purchasing benefits to your fans at no cost to them. They only need to pay, for example, for Business-level bercode items if they want to increase their potential customer base by an additional one million.

Additionally, our entire administrative service is free. Within this framework, you can view (or even download) the list of purchases made with your bercode (transactions made at accepting points connected to our data communication). With this information, your accepting partners can opt for a traffic organization commission payment, hoping for increased turnover. If our platform manages the collection of these fees and their proportional distribution, we forward two-thirds of the traffic organization commissions to our Issuing Partners based on this business model:

We recommend registering on our platform without any obligation. You can create your first webshop within a quarter of an hour. If you choose to publish it, your first revenues could arrive as soon as today.

You can learn how to use our platform by visiting our support page. If you get stuck at any point, we are at your disposal through the following communication channels.