A fee collection, member management and clearing platform (with app) for communities and their retail partners even for free of charge.



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Connects a community to its members and external reatil partners
The Bercode platform offers free opportunity for a community
to interact with the members of the community (clients, supporters, fans) on a cost effective way (automatised billing, logistics, accountting) and provide the membership with various external customer benefits and generate an extra turnover for its retail partners.

Bercode holders
General benefits (primarily direct discounts) at 983.00 local service providers, retailers
Customized benefits fo customers
Bercodes can be presented on an application, replacing any other physical form (plastic card etc.)
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Bercode Issuers
Increase clientele or membership - providing them with external customer benefits
Direct revenue from the purchase of fans or supporters
Recurring revenue from the use of bercode-branded products (such as souvenirs) by retailers
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Extra turnover by millions of potential new customers
Customized offers based on user's information
Even an automated loyalty program
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Points of Acceptance
Merchant CANNOT offer a discount for the following products: highway toll vignettes, tobacco products, tires, public transport tickets, mobile phone recharge and mobile phone recharge cards, LPG, coursebooks, newspapers, and prescription-only products.

Merchants are required to provide the HALF of the default discount on their products offered at a reduced price. (For example 7.5 % if the default discount is 15 %.)