Bercode, the barcode for extra benefits

Bercode is an innovative, world novelty. An individual barcode can be issued tangibly or virtually.

A futuristic new way to create merchandising products that unlock extra benefits

An easy way to help nonprofits generate additional income.

Easy, automated membership management for communities, organizations, and clubs

You can create physical or virtual bercode products.

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The win-win-win cycle of the
Bercode platform


The Bercode platform connects the users with their communities, and with the vendors, hosts, and local service providers within their network. Bercode is a win-win-win platform.
Bercode holders
  • General benefits, (primarily direct discounts) at retailers, hosts, and local service providers
  • In addition to tangible products, Bercode can be shown tangibly or virtually on your phone
  • You can express your adoration for your favorite artist, influencer, sportsman, or community by supporting them with a purchase of their virtual merchandising products
  • It’s cool to be a bercode owner and be part of this innovative, world-first community.

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Bercode Issuers
  • Increased number of members, supporters, and clients - providing them with additional benefits
  • Multiplying the sale of merchandise products
  • The possibility of continuous income by the utilization of bercode products at Acceptance Points
  • A trendy, innovative way to generate plus revenue

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  • New potential customers
  • Additional income
  • Possibility of targeted marketing offers
  • Advertising fee proportional to traffic
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Acceptance points

By clicking on the map, you can immediately see where you can get discounts or other benefits by showing your bercode.

If you are a retailer, restaurateur or local service provider, you can also be listed on this map, which will attract many bercode holders.


Bercode is a FREEmium platform

Bercodes are available at 5 different levels, offering different levels of discounts and benefits, including those provided by bercode issuers. The BASIC and LIGHT levels are completely FREE to anyone as a bercode issuer. However for example your fans, supporters, etc. buy CLASSIC, EXTRA or BUSINESS bercode products from you, the platform will deduct a few percent bercode fee. Details can be found in Annex No. 1. point II.1 of the Terms of Use below.

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