An easy way to help nonprofits generate additional income

If you wish to thank your supporters or sponsors for their donations, a card reflecting your brand and offering discounts to its owner provides more than just a certificate of appreciation. Through regular use of a bercoded card, the donor can achieve greater savings than the amount of their donation while also directing additional funds to the foundation or theater.

Should you wish to enhance your existing supporter card system or are interested in utilizing bercoded cards as promotional tools to boost season ticket sales, please read the following information:

Our business concept is to deliver discounted purchase opportunity to customers indirectly through our bercode issuing partners. However, as our network of acceptance points continues to grow (currently, thousands of merchants/service providers offer discounts), more and more people want to become bercode holders. Thus, theaters, museums and art institutions that serve their audience with a branded card can generate additional revenue not only from the sale of bercoded patron or season tickets but also from bercode holders' purchases.

This collaboration proves highly profitable as the card, due to its association with their theater or artists, holds significant emotional value for its owner. Whether stored on their mobile phones or as physical cards in their wallets, they constantly carry it around to proudly showcase it to friends. Meanwhile, we can add the rational value (i.e., discounted purchasing opportunities), allowing supporters to continuously order new cards (or automatically extend existing ones) multiple times a year, essentially saving the cost of the next card several times over by using the offered discounts. If you decide to create multiple cards with different graphics (e.g., one for each premiere), it is likely that many will order new cards each quarter to build a collection from expired editions.

Moreover, these cards can also be utilized to motivate viewers to purchase higher-priced tickets or subscriptions. Tickets associated with such cards tend to sell more (even months before the event) since owning a card can help save more money in future purchases than the ticket's original cost.

The Bercode Platform offers its Issuing Partners a web-based administration system accessible by multiple leading and administrative personnel at different authorization levels for ordering their cards, tracking the production/logistics process of plastic-based cards, as well as detailed insights into the discounts achieved with their bercodes and the generated commissions.

In the aforementioned administrative system, bercode issuers can also commission Benefit Barcode for the sale of their cards through webshops. In this case, the platform collects card fees, automatically produces the cards, and, in the case of plastic-based orders, ships them to their future owners. These revenues will also appear in the bercode issuer's balance automatically and can be withdrawn at any time.

The price of bercodes granting discounts per card - depending on the number issued and validity period - is only a few hundred (or even just tens of) dollars annually, but these fees can be further reduced with multi-year settlements. Additionally, the cost only incurs in card production for plastic cards if virtual card production and distribution are not feasible.

If you are interested and are considering issuing bercode cards, please register on our platform! This registration does not entail any obligation, and any payment obligation will only arise when ordering a specific service.

You can learn how to use our platform by visiting our support page. If you get stuck at any point, we are at your disposal through the following communication channels.