Please read this short introduction if you wish to receive extra income through branded fan cards with a bercode or wish to use such a card as a promotion tool to increase the sales of season tickets:

In line with our business model, we are offering an indirect discount on purchases to buyers through our Issuer Partners. Due to the continuous extension of our commercial network (currently several thousand commercial traders/service providers offering an average 11.4 per cent discount), increasing numbers of people would like to have a bercode. In this way theaters, museums and art institutes providing their audiences with customized cards are able to obtain an extra source of income not only from their supporters'‒ or season ticket cards featuring a bercode, but also from further sales using codes.

This practically means that the services offered by the card are displayed on the web site of the theater with the chance to order by filling in a form. The number of cards sold will increase if a display is placed at the ticket office that offers not only some information material with order forms, but also some sample cards. The possibility to collect customer data is of significant value today. As Issuers' Cards featuring a bercode are personalized, card holders must provide their name and contact details.

Such a cooperation would be exceptionally favorable as the theatre and its actors attribute a strong emotional value to the card, and its holder would proudly keep it on them at all times to be able to show it to friends. The practical value (i.e. being able to utilize discounts) is provided by us. Consequently, your supporters would order new cards every three, six or 12 months as they would be able to save the price of the next card “in advance” (possibly multiple times). If you use several different graphics to personalize the cards (for example a new one for each premiere), many of your customers will probably order a new card every quarter to make a collection of the different versions.

Cards can of course be used as an incentive to have theater goers buy tickets ‒ even at a more expensive price. Offering a gift card with a savings potential that exceeds the price of the ticket could boost sales considerably (possibly months in advance).

Issuer Partners of the Bercode platform are provided with access to a web based admin system (access is granted for management and administrative employees using different access levels) to order/personalize cards, monitor production/logistics processes, and to get detailed information on the discounts and commissions generated by bercode use.

Furthermore, the admin system enables Bercode Issuers to request Benefit Barcode to sell their cards in the web shop at any time. In this case, card fees are collected by Benefit Barcode. Benefit Barcode will automatically have the cards produced and sent to the future holders. Income will be credited automatically to the account of the bercode Issuer Partner (with manufacturing, postal etc. costs deducted). Income can be withdrawn at any time.

The price of discount bercodes is only a few dollars per card yearly ‒ depending on the number of cards issued and the validity period ‒ and these prices can be reduced further with a three-year contract. The only additional cost is the production cost of the plastic cards. Another possible one-time cost could be the graphic design of the card, unless you can have it made by an employee or your own contractor.


If you are interested in this offer and you are considering issuing a bercode card or upgrading your system, please review the cost descriptions available at the link above, and read the Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimer available following the free registration!

If you would like to know more, visit our site and register! Registration is free of any obligation. You will only be charged if you order an actual service. You will receive an automatic email. Following that you can sign in to the admin interface, review the operation of our system, and upload your card graphics to place your first order!