Society Organizations

If you wish to issue branded bercode membership cards or ‒ if that is not possible due to design requirements ‒ additional cards, then please read the following information:

Today an increasing number of societies, chambers, and trade unions ‒ similarly to many other organizations –are taking steps to provide extra services for their members in return for their membership fee.

A favorite practice is to issue membership cards. Such cards have recently been issued by hundreds of chambers and societies (associations, federations, etc.) and trade unions. Branded cards reflect the issuer's image, but generally do not offer real benefits for card holders, and are therefore not used on a daily basis, and as such often end up in the drawer. Such cards tend to lose the battle for getting and keeping a place in the wallet against multifunctional cards (ID card, driving license, bank cards, etc.).

Consequently, many organizations have started building a network of acceptance partners, but they generally run into problems shortly after being introduced due to the lack of competence and the fact that a few thousand (or even some ten thousands of) card holders do not represent large enough potential purchasing power for retailers (mainly chains).

The solution: place a bercode on your card! This enables the card to retain its original function and at the same time provide an average 11.4 per cent discount for bercode holders with thousands of retailers and service providers nationwide. Daily use of the card can offer few hundreds or even a thousand plus dollars saving for its holder on a yearly basis.

Direct return: Companies and organizations issuing bercode cards receive a turnover based commission for use at priority merchants. So, if you issue thousands of cards, direct returns may exceed the sum invested in the card project – in some cases multiple times. Card issuers’ management receive an automatically generated daily report on usage that shows the current balance and the turnover of the previous day.

Organizations are not restricted to offering a discount only for their members. They can also provide discounts or even sales incentives for supporters in the form of a “thank you” card featuring a bercode. Our system also enables this type of use, so non-profit organizations can enjoy its benefits too.

Issuer Partners of the Bercode platform are provided with access to a web based admin system (access is granted for management and administrative employees using different access levels) to order/personalize cards, monitor production/logistics processes, and to get detailed information on the discounts and commissions generated by bercode use.

Furthermore, the admin system enables Bercode Issuers to request Benefit Barcode to sell their cards in the web shop at any time. In this case, card fees are collected by Benefit Barcode. Benefit Barcode will automatically have the cards produced and sent to the future holders. Income will be credited automatically to the account of the bercode Issuer Partner (with manufacturing, postal etc. costs deducted). Income can be withdrawn at any time.

The price of discount bercodes is only a few dollars per card yearly ‒ depending on the number of cards issued and the validity period ‒ and these prices can be reduced further with a three-year contract. The only additional cost is the production cost of the plastic cards. Another possible one-time cost could be the graphic design of the card, unless you can have it made by an employee or your own contractor.

If you are interested in this offer and you are considering issuing a bercode card or upgrading your system, please review the cost descriptions available at the link above, and read the Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimer available following the free registration!

If you would like to know more, visit our site and register! Registration is free of any obligation. You will be charged only if you order an actual service. You will receive an automatic email. Following that you can sign in to the admin interface, review the operation of our system, and upload your card graphics to place your first order!