If you would like to be able to buy from you cards with your own brand and bercode - for example, loyalty cards - or would like to use them as a promotional tool (as a gift after certain purchases), please read the following short information:

Our business concept is to deliver the discounted purchase opportunity to customers indirectly through our Issuing Partners - on their loyalty, staff or member cards. However, as our network of acceptance points continues to grow (currently discounted at over 1,000 merchants/service providers), more and more people want to buy a card from us.

However, we do not want to operate in B2C (B2B only) in the future, so we are willing to give up more than 90% of our direct revenue to merchants/service providers who serve their individual customers with loyalty cards - reflecting their own branding, of course.

The cards can of course also be used to motivate merchants to encourage their customers to buy (as much as possible). For example, if a customer is thinking about buying a jacket, it may be easier to make a positive decision if the retailer promises a gift card with the jacket that saves more money than the price of jacket itself.

The easiest way to request the cards is through the Bercode Platform webshop, even from a mobile phone. The regular customer can also request a plastic base from his virtual card at any time, the production and logistics costs of which are no longer borne by the merchant.

The Bercode Platform provides Issuer Partners with a web-based administration system, accessible by multiple managers and administrative staff with different levels of access rights, for ordering their cards, tracking the production/logistics of plastic cards, and itemizing the benefits and commissions generated by their issued bercodes.

Depending on the number of cards issued and their validity period, the cost of the bercodes entitling to discounts is only a few ten US dollars per card per year, which are automatically deducted from the revenue (i.e. no investment is necessarily required).

If you are interested and are considering issuing bercode cards, please register on our Platform! This registration does not entail any obligation, any payment obligation will only arise when ordering a specific service.

You can learn how to use our Platform by visiting our support page. If you get stuck at any point, we are at your disposal through the following communication channels.