A community is bound together by shared values, interests and common goals. Reinforce this with an extra service that will result in even more savings for your members.

If you have already built up your own discount card program in recent years, and you want your (prospective) cardholders to be able to shop cheaper at thousands of additional acceptance points, and/or you want your (prospective) discount cardholders to have access to millions of additional potential customers - and to generate significant direct and then turnover revenue for you, please read our following information:

According to our B2B business concept, we do not issue our own cards, the discounts (also) achieved in the national networks are passed on to our Issuing Partners through their own customer, employee, partner or member cards. Our Accepting Partners are already providing discounts at thousands of acceptance locations nationwide, while the range of benefits available to bercode holders and the ways in which they can be used is constantly expanding.

You can buy bercode cards through our Issuing Partners at five service levels. These levels determine the level of discounts or other benefits available. However, most businesses - primarily retail or local service providers - choose the Business level of bercode, as this not only saves them money directly on the cost of purchase, but also allows them to benefit from the significant additional traffic generated by millions of bercode holders.

The most convenient way to request cards is through a webshop, but our partners working with direct sellers can also use the Bercode platform. The application process can be easily initiated from a mobile phone, so the salesperson can start the process from their "pocket" without having to deal with it later, the system will automatically take the necessary steps.

The Bercode Platform provides Issuer Partners with a web-based administration system, accessible by multiple managers and administrative staff with different levels of access rights, for ordering their cards, tracking the production/logistics of plastic cards, and itemizing the benefits and commissions generated by their issued bercodes.

In the above-mentioned administration system, bercode-issuers can also entrust Benefit Barcode with the sale of some of their cards - in the webshop - at any time. In this case, the card fees are collected by the platform, the cards are automatically produced and - in the case of plastic-based orders - mailed to their future owners. These revenues will also automatically appear on the balance of the bercode-issuer and can be drawn down by the bercode-issuers at any time.

Depending on the number of cards issued and their validity period, the cost of the bercodes entitling to discounts is only a few ten US dollars per card per year, which are automatically deducted from the revenue (i.e., no investment required).

If you are interested and are considering issuing bercode cards, please register on our platform! This registration does not entail any obligation, and any payment obligation will only arise when ordering a specific service.

You can learn how to use our platform by visiting our support page. If you get stuck at any point, we are at your disposal through the following communication channels.