Merchant benefits

Bercode Merchant Benefits


Measurable Turnover Increase

In the retail sector it is hard to measure the return on (upfront) marketing spending. As such, retailers and local service providers have the justifiable demand to spend a turnover based amount by offering a discount or a turnover based commission if and only if the purchase takes place.

Community Purchasing Power

Exploiting such a risk free scheme is difficult because customers entering the shop in response to the advertisement do not hold an anonymous “certificate” that would identify the “sender of the customer” to enable the measurement of the effectiveness of advertising.

The solution

Our Platform provides the opportunity for a growing community, for example for for-profit and non-profit companies (foundations, chambers, trade unions, societies), artists and athletes to issue unified, 18 character long bar codes, so-called bercodes for their clients, members, fans, supporters, etc. that can be printed (or glued) on any data media (for example a keyring or a plastic card), or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone.

Ensuring Customer Benefits

The most effective method for the communities mentioned above to motivate the members of their network to purchase in the shops of their partners is to provide these members with direct (instant) discounts. It is important to offer a discount attractive enough to motivate bercode holders to change their purchasing habits. (The recommended discount is equal to one third or the half of the margin on the product or service.) The match list of our Shop Finder sorts commercial traders by the discount offered, starting with the highest discount, in descending order.

Positive Discrimination of Communities with Bigger Purchasing Power

Merchants primarily focusing on “premium” customers (economists, doctors, journalists, lawyers, businessmen, etc.) get extra presence. If you use this opportunity and offer a double discount for Extra and Business bercode holders (approximately 20 per cent of all bercode holders), our Partners that issue such bercodes will advertise your business more effectively. As these users will surely filter their search in the Shop Finder for those merchants/service providers that prioritize them, you will also benefit from this option ‒ if you target the right group.

When a Discount is not the Solution

If you do business outside the FMCG sector, i.e. the products and services you sell are customized and/or their price range is high or you serve customers based on a contract, for example car and motorbike (dealers), banking, insurance, Internet Service Provision, cultural services (library, museum, theater tickets), utility services, education, financial advising, remote monitoring, telecommunication, travel, newspaper subscriptions, etc., then we do not recommend that you provide a discount for bercode holders as this would probably not motivate anyone to make a long-term decision. You should consider issuing your branded (customer) card instead. (Similarly, we cannot accept discount offers from DM or MLM agents.)

Automated Administration

Our Merchants may use our free of charge administration service (compulsory for web stores). This involves the collection of data generated by bercode use and the storage of such data in a freely retrievable format. Turnover data is automatically enhanced with the names of our Issuer Partners. This prevents any cashier errors and provides valuable marketing insights for our Merchants.

Enhanced Cooperation Level

The platform mentioned above enables you to agree to pay a commission of a min. three per cent (for gas: min. one per cent) in return for multiple advertisements delivered directly to customers. For details of our extra turnover generation service, see Annex 3 of this site.

Launch our Cooperation

Our additional sales generation service is provided only for those retailers or local service providers (upon registration) that have received or purchased a bercode from an Issuer Partner, with the following parameters:


Service Level

Minimum Annual Fee

Number of Accessible Communities