Legal and other knowledge

1. Registered office and legal form of Benefit Barcode Inc.

The company is a private limited company incorporated in the United States of America (registered office: 8 The Green, #7099, Dover, Delaware 19901, company registration number: 6045923).

2. Type of tokens (Bercoins) issued by the company

Utility, i.e., NO payment and NO Financial Security tokens. More information:

3. Value of Bercoins issued by the company

The company has no way of knowing how the price of the tokens will change in future years, so it makes no guarantees. Interested parties are advised to make token purchasing decisions in light of the following three services, some of which will be provided in the future.

4. Maximum number of Bercoins

100,000,000, or one hundred million - the company guarantees under the smart contract that it will not increase this number in the future.

5. Administration of Bercoins

The company keeps a record of the user's Bercoins until they are withdrawn into their own crypto wallet. Holders can request certificates in digital form an unlimited number of times in the My Bercoin Data section, and then, by paying the printing and logistic costs - by credit card - they can request their mailing with original stamp and signatures.

6. Transferability of Bercoins

The transfer of one or more Bercoins that have not been retrieved in your own wallet can be initiated by their owner (the user of the account, i.e., the owner of the email address). To start the process, the recipient's email address is required. The recipient may accept or reject the Bercoin(s) unless, in the meantime, the Bercoin owner revokes the pending transfer. If the recipient is not yet a user of the platform, prior registration is required and will be indicated in the email sent automatically.

7. Communication of Bercoin transfers

The Bercode Platform automatically informs both parties about the initiation, failure, or successful completion of the transfer of Bercoins. Past transactions can be viewed later in the Bercoins Transfer menu.

8. Taxation of Bercoin transfers

If a token holder transfers one or more of their Bercoins in exchange for compensation (i.e., not given as a gift to a relative), they are required to declare the resulting income and pay any necessary taxes in accordance with the laws of their country.

9. Data displayed for Bercoin owners

Bercoin owners are not obligated to disclose their names, so when purchasing (or accepting transferred tokens), the text "Bercoin Owner" appears in the token ledger. The Bercode Platform allows Bercoin owners to edit the information they wish to be displayed as Bercoin owners in the My Bercoin Data menu. (There are no specific restrictions, but the company reserves the right to modify names that are misleading, offensive, prohibited, etc.)

10. Information for Bercoin owners

The company's management sends quarterly updates to Bercoin owners on the results achieved in the previous months, as well as the current outlook. Users who have previously unchecked the Notifications menu item in the Notifications section -  or who do not receive messages from the platform for whatever technical reason - can view all the platform's previous messages by logging into their account (i.e., after logging in) and clicking on the bell icon (Notifications menu item) at the top. Bercoin owners can join the company's English and Hungarian Telegram groups for additional information.

11. The future (crypto stock market) value of Bercoins

The management of Benefit Barcode Inc. will do its utmost to provide the services described in point 3. as soon as possible and with the highest possible quality. However, there is no guarantee that the value of Bercoins will increase as a result, even if the number of tokens - as shown in point 4. - will not increase even if the demand for them increases.