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Bercode owner

Who is a bercode owner?

A Bercode holder is the owner of a special, uniquely identifiable 18-character long string of numbers: a barcode.

How does someone become a bercode owner?


What are the benefits of being a bercode holder?


On what carrier can a bercode appear?

The bercodes can be displayed on any carrier, e.g., on a card, mug, key tag, or T-shirt. Its graphics can be displayed on a smartphone display but can also be printed on a plastic card or even paper. Later, the bercodes will be displayed on a cap or tote bag, etc., or virtual copies of them. For the latter, the Bercode app can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and Google Play Store.


To what extent can the bercode holder receive immediate discounts?

Bercode holders can take advantage of different levels of discount at merchants (Basic, Light, Classic, Extra, Business) for each bercode type. Light and Basic bercodes entitle you to a narrower, lower discount. Classic level bercodes offer an average of more than 10% discount. Extra and Business level bercodes - at some acceptance locations - offer double discounts.

Graphical representation of the bercode owner services role:

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