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Merchants cannot offer a discount for the following products: highway toll vignettes, tobacco products, tires, public transport tickets, mobile phone recharge and mobile phone recharge cards, LPG, coursebooks, newspapers, and prescription-only products.

Merchants are required to provide HALF of the default discount on their products offered at a reduced price. (For example, 7.5 % if the default discount is 15 %.)

In the menu Points of Acceptance, you can view the points of acceptance, the products and services they offer, the benefits they offer, and other details by clicking on the submenu Find acceptance point. If you have more than one bercode, first select the appropriate bercode and then use the various search parameters (category, country, city, store/service/product) to find out about the bercode points of acceptance!

You can also narrow the results to points of acceptance that offer a double discount on Extra and Business level bercodes, or even accept Basic and Light level bercodes.

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Filter results can be displayed in a map or listed form.

If you experience any problems when using your card and wish to report an acceptance point error, please select the relevant acceptance point and click on the name of the acceptance point. In the top right corner, click on the grey triangle icon and enter the details of the error.

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