User Manual

T-shirt graphics

You can Design new T-shirt in the Bercode issuer services role, T-shirt management menu, T-shirt graphics submenu, and you can Search among the products created so far, you can download and edit the existing T-shirt graphics. Use the Active, Inactive drop-down menu for any product to control whether or not that product can be requested.

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To create a new T-shirt version:

  • With the Customer may upload additional photo check box enables to regulate whether the new customer of the webshop want to upload another image next to the existing photo.

  • Click +Upload your own image to upload your own images, photos, graphics, etc.! You can zoom in, move, rotate, and more with the markings below. You should upload a 2421 x 1004 pixel image.
  • Use the Design elements on the right to customize the graphics on your T-shirt. The green color means that you want to display the selected design element on the graphic. You can use the mouse to move the selected item. If required, you can also add the +Add new element (input data to be requested) to your graphics, which can be date, number, text.
  • You can finalize your graphics with the Save button, which appears in the T-shirt graphics table.

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