Issuer benefits

Our platform can also be used free of charge, as our Issuing Partners do not have to pay a fee for issuing Basic and Light level bercodes. Retailers in their contact, as well as local service providers, can now join their community with a Basic bercode so that they can provide customer benefits to their bercode owners at no cost to them. Paying for Classic, Extra, and Business-level bercodes is only useful if they want to provide additional points of acceptance - joined by other communities - available to members of their community.

In addition, our entire administration service is free of charge, within which bercode issuers can view (or even download) a list of purchases made with their bercodes (for transactions that have taken place at points of acceptance that undertake data communication). This allows issuers to enter into an acquisition commission agreement with their acquiring partners. If this fee collection and its distribution in proportion to traffic are performed by our platform, we will transfer two-thirds of the traffic management commissions to our Issuing Partners on the basis of this business model:

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In this column, you can see the opportunities where the bercode cards are intended to generate income through the purchase of cards by others


In this column, you can see the opportunities when bercode cards are given as gifts to your customers/members to increase their satisfaction - and thus, their numbers




For artists and athletes - for their fans and supporters


For companies – for their customers and employees

If you're an entertainer, athlete, or influencer with a large following, you'll want to give your fans/ supporters more. Both sides of the card can display a photo of you uploaded, even autographed, but the platform also allows you to give your fan the option to swap the photo on the back for their own, so that they can share a card with their star. By buying a product with a bercode, your fan can save more on their everyday life than they spent on it, while you also generate additional revenue. Read more!


If you want to provide your customers and employees with additional benefits that increase their satisfaction at a low cost to your company, a bercode customer and employee card is the perfect solution. Find more information here!




For foundations and theaters - for their supporters and patrons


For non-profit organizations with members - for their members

If you would like to thank your supporters/patrons for their donations, a bercode card that reflects your image and entitles its holder to discounts is more than just a certificate of appreciation. By regularly using a bercode card, a donor can save more than the amount of their donation, while also enabling additional funds to the foundation or theatre. Click to find out more!


Membership cards issued for internal use only do not offer enough benefits for their holders to carry them regularly and use them on a daily basis. The solution may be for the organization to try to offer additional benefits to members, but to offer benefits for a narrow user base is not enough to motivate merchants. However, a membership card with a bercode can provide more benefits than the amount of the membership fee, thereby increasing the satisfaction and thus, the number of members. Find out more here!




For buyer communities - for their members


For local authorities - for their residents

A community is bound together by shared values, common interests and goals. Reinforce this with an extra service that will result in even more savings for your members. Find out more here!


A city or district card with a bercode provides a real bond and day-to-day savings for the socially deprived (single parents, large families, pensioners, etc.) residents of the municipality. In this way, the district/city administration is also supporting local entrepreneurs, while the municipality can recoup up to 2/3 of the commission from the acceptance/merchant points, making the project self-financing. Click here for details!




For families and friends – for their members


For commercial traders - for their regular customers

When organizing a large family event (wedding, birth of a child, important birthday or even a funeral) or a reunion of friends or classmates, it is often a problem to decide what gifts to give to the guests or how to contribute to the costs. Become a bercode-issuer for free, receive up to 100% of the price of your sold bercodes through us, and within the validity period, your family and friends can save up to several times the total amount paid through the benefits of our Accepting Partners, while you receive additional revenue from their purchases.


Whether you already have a loyalty card program or are just thinking about it, if your cards include a bercode, you will certainly offer your customers more than your competitors. Find out more!