Issuer benefits

Bercode Issuer Benefits

Our platform can also be used free of charge, as our Issuing Partners do not have to pay a fee for issuing Basic and Light level bercodes. Retailers in their contact, as well as local service providers, can now join their community with a Basic bercode, so they can provide customer benefits to their bercode owners at no cost to them. Paying for Classic, Extra, and Business-level bercodes is only useful if they want to provide additional points of acceptance - joined by other communities - available to members of their community.

In addition, our entire administration service is free of charge, within which bercode issuers can view (or even download) a list of purchases made with their bercodes (for transactions that have taken place at points of acceptance that undertake data communication). This allows issuers to enter into an acquisition commission agreement with their acquiring partners. If this fee collection and its distribution in proportion to traffic is performed by our platform, we will transfer two-thirds of the traffic management commissions to our Issuing Partners on the basis of this business model.


Artists and Athletes – for their Fans


Companies – for their Customers and Employees

If you are active in the performing arts or if you are an athlete or an influencer with a large number of followers, you would probably like to give more to your fans. The Bercode Platform offers a solution for you with a fan card or by purchasing a bercode that can be displayed on smartphones (possibly with a simple selfie). By purchasing a product with a bercode, fans can save more than what was spent on it, while it also generates additional income for you. Read more!


If you wish to provide benefits for your customers or employees to improve their commitment without having to bear extra costs (e.g. taxes), a company card with a bercode is the perfect solution! Click here for more information.




Foundations, Theaters – for their Supporters


NGOs with Members – for their Members

If you wish to thank supporters for their donations, a card offering additional benefits will give more than a certificate of appreciation. With the regular use of a bercode, supporters can save more than the donated sum, while commissions will provide extra income for the foundation or theater. Click for further information!


A member's card issued for internal use only does not provide enough benefits for the owner of the card to keep it in your wallet and use it regularly. It is a step in the right direction if the organization wishes to provide additional benefits for members, but if the number of card holders is relatively low, commercial traders will not be motivated to take part in the scheme. However, a membership card with a bercode offers substantial benefits, and it will therefore be used regularly, and in addition strengthen the commitment of members. Click here for details.




Buyer Communities – for their Members


Councils – for Residents

A community is held together by common values, interests, and goals. Strengthen the community with an extra service that offers additional savings for members. Read more here.


A town or district card with a bercode offers a real connection and daily savings for card holders. The card enables the council to support local businesses. Moreover, the council may receive up to two thirds of the commission from commercial traders and it makes the project self-funded. Click here for details!




Families and Friends – for Members


Commercial traders – for their Regular Customers

When organizing a big family event (weddings, christenings, important birthdays or a funeral), or a reunion for friends or a school class, the gift or the way of bearing the costs is often a difficult issue. Become a Bercode Issuer ‒ possibly free of charge ‒ and receive up to one hundred per cent of the bercode fee from us. Your family members or friends can save the amount paid multiple times through the benefits offered by our Merchants, while you will receive a commission on their purchases.


Whether you already have a loyalty card scheme or are considering introducing one, by adding a bercode to the card, you will surely offer more to your most important customers than your competitors do. Learn more!